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James M Richardson
Vice President of LuxPro® Global Security

25 years of law enforcement & security. Former head of security at Fox Studios, former lead security for White House political dignitary, former head of California Border Police Task Force.

"Providing professional security in today’s changing and complex environment requires security professionals to be multifaceted, technologically resourceful and agile. Never has security required so much in terms of technical education, sound protocols and expertise. Here at LuxPro®, our strategic worldwide partnerships and trained personnel reflect a recognition of these demands. We stand always ready to engage in a full range of security measures, protocols and methods on the behalf of our clients to foster the best outcome. Our services are complete, direct and never failing."

  • Protecting Executives

  • Protecting Public Figures & Families

  • Protecting Clients at Residential Estates

  • Working with Government & Law Enforcement

  • LuxPro® Security & Training Services

  • Customized event security support

LuxPro® Global Security - Personalized VIP Protection

LuxPro® Global Security provides a full line of traditional personnel-based security details and services. Our worldwide security teams are carefully vetted to assure integrity, capabilities, and compliance with all local and international laws and regulations.

Our due diligence process is the most extensive in the industry and includes strict insurance, strict employee screening requirements, initial ongoing operational readiness, constant capability testing, extensive sustainment training, bilingual speakers, and 24-hour English-Speaking security teams in over 600 cities worldwide

We make sure to enlist local in-country experienced security analysts and researchers, worldwide with hyper-response teams ready to launch in minutes or hours. LuxPro® Global Security offers customized emergency response teams in all service areas and is intelligence enhanced by local team knowledge and connections.

Executive and multi-national security details.
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LuxPro® Global Security has certified, experienced, protection details for our high-level executives, political dignitaries, sports and entertainment personalities and A-Level principles. With a security staff of over 200 men and women, all LuxPro® security staff are well trained, vetted, current or ex-police officers and ex-military that are hand-picked per client assignment. We utilize strong security measures with state-of-the-art resources and relationships worldwide for our multi-national security details and assignments. LuxPro® will conduct complete audits of corporate security programs, countermeasure inspections including (“bug sweeps”), and always demonstrates attentive diligence. We also can implement Digital Security measures, pre-employment background checks, investigations, and other much needed services.

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LuxPro® Global Security protects over 1000 clients, including 43 prominent families, political dignitaries, foreign visitors and over 100 famous sports and entertainment personalities as well as at-risk private individuals. LuxPro® provides consultation on all security programs and systems, protective home coverage, coverage while traveling, and security details for nationwide public appearances. We utilize strong security measures with state-of-the-art resources and relationships worldwide for our multi-national security details and assignments. LuxPro® has a qualified team to investigate, assess and manage all threats and cases regarding inappropriate detection. LuxPro® will provide all services related to privacy, safety, digital security and threat management security assessment. Including personal travel logistics with safety and background screening of all clients, individuals and prospective employees. LuxPro® staff will also train client staff in security protocol and threat awareness.

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LuxPro® Global Security implements and staff’s residential protective details and security programs for your home’s security. We have highly trained, vetted, discreet, competent, screened security protectors. LuxPro® utilizes monitor detection systems, we manage access control, deter intrusion, and respond to all emergencies with quick and efficient resolve. LuxPro® will implement protocols that ensure protection by way of the utilization of cameras, alarms, access control panels, and lighting are all considered and measured. All possible solutions are highly considered.

LuxPro® Estate Security

LuxPro® Global is a nationwide security service that has worked with and aided the CIA, FBI, Defense Intelligence Agency, U.S. Supreme Court Police, U.S. Marshals Service, and police agencies throughout the United States and abroad. LuxPro® has developed and perfected Threat Assessment Systems used by many agencies, movie studios, banks, top universities, and by State Police agencies.

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LuxPro® offers Threat Assessment & Threat Management Training for companies and private security detail staff members. Our team is staffed with the most experienced threat assessment professionals in the business. We provide certified private training in the areas of Active Shooter Prevention and proven secure safety measures for businesses, schools, organizations and universities. Our Threat Assessment and Threat Management programs ensure our clients the education needed address and reduce the worry of an Active Shooter event.

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  • ·Complete worldwide traveler security

  • Asset security

  • Cyber security

  • Multi-national security teams · 

  • Event security

  • Worldwide emergency response teams

  • Global intelligence

  • Emergency aviation

  • Drone technology

  • Business continuity and training

These services range from supplying vetted car and chauffeur services to full protective details

Specialized arrangements include:

  • Discreet armored transport.

  • Customized event security support.

  • Surveillance/counter surveillance.

  • Low-profile security operations.

  • Emergency evacuations.